Taylor Swift Friendship Bracelet

Do you also love the new Friendship Bracelets inspired by Taylor Swift?

Elsker du også de nye Friendship Bracelets inspireret af Taylor Swift ?

In our store at Gl. Kongevej 136, 1850 Frederiksberg C - you can design your own Swiftie bracelet. The bracelets have been seen several times on Taylor Swift and have formed a wave of these Friendship Bracelets with personal expressions and colors.

In the shop we have a huge selection of beautiful pearls and stones - and of course you can also make your own quotes and words and signs in your personal Friendship Bracelet.

We have lots of letter beads, number beads, heart beads and other beads with expressions and symbols so you can design your very own Friendship Bracelet.

You can either come in and mix pearls on the gram and take them home - or sit with us and make the bracelet - we'll probably help you get it closed.

We look forward to seeing you!


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