Get bonded

An eternal memory

Bonding is a meaningful bracelet that we weld around the wrist - and it becomes a part of you. If you want to immortalize a memorable event, then bonding is really nice.

You can choose between 2 chains:
- Figaro chain
- Anchor chain

We will present them to you when we meet in the workshop, so you can choose your favourite.

Bonding takes place ONLY in the store at Gammel Kongevej 136, 1850 Frederiksberg

Set aside 1/2 hour where we introduce you to options for chains and weld your new piece of jewelry onto your wrist in our fine workshop.

You can only book for 1 person at a time, so if you want more people, you just have to book the subsequent available times and write in the comment field that you are coming together.

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We look forward to seeing you.


Annemette & Christina and the rest Team Me & My Box