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Techniques and patterns

Find the 3 most used jewelry techniques below or choose whether you want to make bracelets, necklaces or earrings, and see what other techniques and help are available.

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Find techniques for designing bracelets, including elastic, wire, chain etc


Find techniques for designing necklaces, including wire, chains, thread etc


Find techniques for designing earrings with hoops, studs, chains etc

Ankle chains

Find techniques for ankle chains both on elastic, with wire or chain

Other jewelry

Find techniques for other jewelry here, such as belly chains, bows, and much more

Most used techniques

Eye and windings

This technique is the most used of the basic techniques, but also the one that requires a little practice and thus patience.

You can make the most beautiful designs with the eye & winding technique, such as pearl pendants on chains, on hoops, on necklaces and much more.


Knot on elastic cord

If you need to make bracelets, finger rings or necklaces on elastic cord, take a look here.

It is important to tie the knot correctly so that it does not unravel.
Our elastic cord is made with silicone, so we make sure that your jewelry with elastic lasts as long as possible.


Closing a wire

If you want to make bracelets, necklaces or anklets on wire, we show you here how to start and finish your design.