Necklace techniques

Eye and windings

This technique is one of the most used techniques we have. It can be used when you need to attach both beads and pendants to the necklace.

Adjustable knot

This is a good technique if you want to tie a nice bracelet or necklace easily if you don't have a lock. This knot makes the bracelet or necklace adjustable to fit all sizes.

Elastic knot

In this video we show you how to tie a durable elastic knot as a closure between the beads. It is important to do it right so that the chain does not pop up.

We recommend that if you make necklaces on elastic cord, the cord should be 1 mm thick and the beads should not be too large.

Wire closure

See how to make a necklace with wire.

Close chain with lock

We show you how to connect the ends of a chain with o-rings and a lock.

Knots between pearls in a necklace

Make beautiful pearl necklaces with knots between the pearls. See the technique here.

How to make the Daisy necklace

We show you how to make the small fine flowers with glass beads, so you can make your own Daisy necklace or bracelet.