Earrings techniques

Eye and windings

The technique is used when you need to attach both pearls and pendants to your earrings.

Attach pendants to ear chains

In this video we show you how to attach pendants to an earring.

Put beads on hoops

In this video we show you how to put pearls on an earring.

Connect beads or pendants with thread

This technique will help you close an earring with wire. If you want, you can add some extra jewelry pieces to your design.

Wrap beads on hoops

You need a jewelry thread and your favorite pearls, which you wrap around a hoop.

Hoops with glass beads

Here you must choose your favorite colors of glass beads and use a needle and thread to sew the 'tube' together.

Woven earrings

In this video we show you how to weave beautiful earrings with tube beads.