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Anne Bertram X Me & My Box

Sallys Sneakers X Me & My Box

Sæpórsdóttir X Me & My Box

Amalie Carlé Fischer X Me & My Box

Startbox Box No. 1

Ocean Dream Box No. 2

Summerlove Box No. 3

Celebration Box No. 4

Denmark Box No. 5

Boheme Box No. 7

Embrace me Box No. 8

Candy Neck Box No. 9

I'm All Ears Box No. 10

Me & My Girls Box No. 11

Tutti Frutti Box No. 12

Boys Bead Box No. 13

Boys Bead Box No. 13

Norway Box No. 14

Sweden Box No. 15

Dare to be Exclusive Box No. 16

Magic Colors Box No. 17

Sweet Cherry Box No. 18

Coral Blue Box No. 19

Sorbet Clouds Box No. 20

Coastline Box No. 21

Get Started Box No. 22

To the Moon Box No. 23

Heart Bead Box No. 24

Flower Power - Miniature Box

Golden Sprinkle - Miniature Box

Greece Coast - Miniature Box

Swipe Stripes - Miniature Box

The Christmas tag homes X Me & My Box

DIY Pink Perfection Necklace

Blue Wave Necklace

DIY Snaily Necklace

Multicolor Snack Necklace

Planetary bracelet

Space tablet necklace

Escargot earrings

Heart Necklace

Moon Star necklace

Petite Pearl necklace

Brown Noise necklace

Green Spirit bracelet